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La Montagne des Singes

La Wick

67600 Kintzheim


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languages spoken : French - German - English

Cultural and leisure facilities

Length of visit/event

  • 2h


A rustle in the foliage, a strange language made of sounds and mimics, a chase in the thicket, you are plunged into the fascinating universe of more than 200 Barbary macaques. Here a male is carrying a baby, there two females are lovingly spooning each other, over there small monkeys are playing acrobatics above the pond...

Experience the unforgettable experience of being immersed in a 24-hectare forest with more than 200 free-roaming Barbary macaques.
You will be seduced by the exceptional observation possibilities and amazed by the incredible proximity with the Barbary macaques.

Extend the experience by slipping into "In the skin of a monkey", the new fun and educational trail on the theme of primates and biodiversity. Bird watching wall and educational pond.

Guides, present throughout the tour, explain the specific behaviours that take place before the astonished eyes of the visitors. They also lead the feeding sessions offered at regular intervals throughout the day.

Type of site to visit

  • Animal park
  • Leisure park

Size of group

  • Mini 20

Package visits offered

Catering on spot

  • Cafeteria
  • Drinks

Acrivité en :

  • outdoor

Audience concerned

  • Adults (individuals)
  • Children (individuals)
  • Couple
  • Families
  • Groups
  • Groups of children
  • Schools


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