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The Forestum hiking path

Place du Prensureux

68160 Sainte Marie aux Mines


tél. 03 89 58 33 60


Circuits, sentiers et itinéraires

Length of visit/event

  • 2h30 min

Level of difficulty

  • Suitable for everyone


Settled between the Echery hamlet and the Bagenelles pass, the " forestum" is a educational forest hike aimed at the better know trees and the forest.
Actually, visitors will discover more than 40 local and exotic species on the site, as well as 6 illustrated information spots in order to understand the history, the landscapes, nature and how the forest and wood are used in the Val d'Argent region. Length of hike : total length of hike is approximatively 2 hours (access to the site plus visit of the Forestum ).Leaflet available at the Tourism Office.


from 01/01/2022 au 31/12/2022

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